The smARt Concierge
The Global Art Company

The smARt concierge enables your guests to have the hotel amenities at their fingertips.



Guests have your hotel in the palm of their hands.

The smARt concierge was designed to offer a unique welcoming service providing the perfect platform for the hotel to exhibit, promote and sell their amenities while providing an unforgettable enriched experience for the guests, all from the comfort of their own phone.

The smARt Concierge

Seamless interaction with the hotel amenities 24/7
  • Simply scan the art to access the hotels concierge
  • Your hotel amenities always in your guests pockets
  • Network your hotels together
  • Stand alone solution
  • Promotional tool
The Hotel
  • Promotional
  • Informative
  • Powerful
The Guests
  • Convenient
  • Effortless
  • Relaxing

Save your guests and, more importantly, your staff precious time

The Story

Scan the ART

With our image recognition guests can explore, interact and book any of the amenities
1. Download the ‘smARt’ App
2. Now simply scan the art

Try it for yourself - Scan the image above and see how it could benefit you


  • The smart concierge is an app designed for your hotel guests and tourists to find local trusted recommended activities without trolling through the millions of irrelevant and unreliable websites found on internet search engines.

  • The hotels bespoke concierge can easily be retrieved by simply scanning the smARt concierge logo or even specified art with-in the hotel.

  • Image recognition technology within the smARt app enables the guests to simply point their phone at the hotel art which automatically triggers the hotels bespoke concierge.

  • The smARt concierge is designed with tourists in mind that don’t particularly know the area. Once on the concierge guests can simply find all activities, attractions or services, whether they know what activity they are looking for or wanting to see something in a specific area. With a user friendly designed menu system there is no need to type in huge Url’s

  • Yes, of course. Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive network of the best and recommended activities providing your guests with an unforgettable experience.

  • There is no need for any guest information, e-mails, log-in’s or passwords to use the smARt concierge. Simply download the app from the app store or Google play and your guests are good to go.


Why not Turn that unwanted expense into an untapped revenue stream?

With prime site locations, under-utilised potential gallery spaces and an invaluable flow of diverse guests why don’t you use your best assets? - The Walls.

  • The unique I.P. gives us the ability for multiple sales direct from the hotel walls
  • Guests can buy the hotel art with a single click
  • We will deliver direct to the guests preferred address
  • No disruption to the hotel, no hassle for the guest

Scan the art and see how easy it is



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