The smART Concierge
The Global Art Company

The smART concierge enables your guests to have the hotel amenities at their fingertips.



Guests have your hotel in the palm of their hands.

The smART concierge was designed to offer a unique welcoming service providing the perfect platform for the hotel to exhibit, promote and sell their amenities while providing an unforgettable enriched experience for the guests, all from the comfort of their own phone.

The smART Concierge

Seamless interaction with the hotel amenities 24/7
  • Simply scan the art to access the hotels concierge
  • Your hotel amenities always in your guests pockets
  • Network your hotels together
  • Stand alone solution
  • Promotional tool
The Hotel
  • Promotional
  • Informative
  • Powerful
The Guests
  • Convenient
  • Effortless
  • Relaxing

Save your guests and, more importantly, your staff precious time

The Story


Turn that unwanted expense into an untapped revenue stream

With prime site locations, under-utilised potential gallery spaces and an invaluable flow of diverse guests why don’t you use your best assets? - The Walls.

  • The unique I.P. gives us the ability for multiple sales direct from the hotel walls
  • Guests can buy the hotel art with a single click
  • We will deliver direct to the guests preferred address
  • No disruption to the hotel, no hassle for the guest

Scan the ART

With our image recognition guests can explore, interact and book any of the amenities
1. Download the ‘Aurasma’ App
2. Create an Account
3. Follow ‘ThesmARTconcierge’
4. Now simply scan the art

Try it for yourself - Scan the image above and see how it could benefit you



Glasgow Means Business: Euan Mclatchie of The Global Art Company

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Working over the last four years we have produced an artists database of over 25,000 artists..

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Entrepreneurial Awards 2016

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all the hard work, sweat and tears finally show that it was all worth while.


  • The Global Art Company is one of the UK's leading art rental suppliers specialising in providing a full comprehensive art rental service for residential and corporate clients, from consultation to installation. This allows you to attain a stunning collection of art on a rental basis without the need to purchase or maintain a permanent art collection.

  • We are based in London and Glasgow. We service businesses all across the globe both Corporate and Residential.

  • With a comprehensive collection of over 25,000 artists and photographers from over 100 countries you can choose from a wide range of original artwork and prints to suit all tastes and preferences. Sample collections are well detailed on the gallery and can also be downloaded as an example from the website. Our curators will work closely with you in choosing the perfect collection to compliment your decor and enhance your hotels design.

  • During a consultation a portfolio of artworks can be made available to you, we will provide you with digital examples and full size example prints if requested. We will evaluate your needs, answer all questions and suggest a suitable art collection.

  • During you consultation you will be given an exact price structure. Costs vary according to the amount of art chosen and the time period but we do offer the best art rates in the UK and more importantly a stress free professional service.